TVDL License and Frauding Hearings

TVDL License

In Illinois, a person with no legal status may obtain a temporary visitor driver’s license, or TVDL. The instructions for the process are simple and on the Illinois Secretary of State website. However, there are occasions when you may be unable to obtain a TVDL because of issues with your driving records. You may have had multiple driver’s licenses in the past. In these and other circumstances, we can represent you through the process to recover your ability to obtain your TVDL.
What we can do
We have extensive experience dealing with whatever issues exist that are preventing you from obtaining the TVDL which you seek. We will assist you through the process of applying for and obtaining your TVDL, and make sure that all of the steps are followed property so that you may legally drive as soon as you can be permitted to by the Secretary of State. If you have not obtained your TVDL and need help, then please schedule an appointment for your free consultation in our office at 847-468-1200.

Fraud Hearing before the Secretary of State

We frequently represent clients facing the cancellation, suspension, or revocation of their Illinois driver's license or State ID due to fraud. Receiving a letter alleging fraud from the Illinois Secretary of State can be a stressful and frightening experience. If you have previously obtained a driver's license or state identification card under a false name, with a false social security number or other false documents, we can defend you before the Illinois Secretary of State. Whether you are a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident or have no legal status, we are here to help.

The Illinois Secretary of State may cancel and subsequently suspend or revoke a driver’s license, permit or ID card for fraud. However, it is that you have committed fraud before the Secretary of State we will advocate and defend you throughout the process which you must undergo to recover or obtain your driver’s license or temporary visitor driver’s license.

What we can do
When you are required to appear before an investigator with the Secretary of State Police to establish your identity. We will attend your hearing and represent you during your interview. Once your fraud suspension takes effect, we will prepare you to apply for a restricted driving permit (i.e. RDP/work permit) during your period of suspension through an informal administrative hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State. Your restricted driving permit will allow you to drive to and from work, school, doctors’ appointments and other approved locations during the fraud suspension on your license. We will represent you at your informal administrative hearings to obtain driving relief.

We have extensive experience resolving Secretary of State fraud cases and guiding our clients through this process from start to finish. Please cause us to schedule your free consultation at 847-468-1200 so that you can work towards driving legal with a TVDL or RDP.