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We are equipped and experienced to represent you before the immigration court and in the filing of your immigration petitions and applications. We understand that your immigration case is more than just about your legal rights but also about keeping families together and delivering opportunities to live the American dream, and above all, providing a legal future in the United States. During your consultation we will educate you on the rights, reliefs, and options and practical solutions to your specific issues and circumstances. We you our experience not only of immigration law but also criminal law and family law to develop the best strategy to give you the best chance at a successful result. Most importantly, we believe in honesty and integrity in our dealings and representation. We will give you a clear and honest assessment of what your possibilities for immigration benefit or relief are.

Adjustment of Status - Lawful Permanent Residency


Cancellation of Removal

You may be eligible for Cancellation of Removal if you were inspected and admitted to the United States, and have lived 7 years in the United States from the date of your admission. Otherwise, you may be eligible for Cancellation of Removal if you entered without inspection and can prove that you have lived in the country for the last 10 years. If you have entered without inspection you must also not have not committed any serious crime, can demonstrate that you are a person of good character and that your removal from the United States would cause irreversible damage to your family members who are either lawful permanent residents or United State citizens.


If you have obtained DACA benefits since the program was created in June 15, 2012, then you may continue to renew for those benefits. Once you are a DACA beneficiary you are considered lawfully present in the U.S. and is eligible to apply for a social security number, obtain a employment authorization to work lawfully and in most states, be eligible to apply for a driver’s license.

You receive DACA benefits for two years subject to renewal. If you have committed criminal offenses during the period in which you have had DACA benefits and are fearful to renew because of your criminal background. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with our attorney to discuss the impact of your criminal record on your ability to renew your DACA benefits at 847-468-1200.

To date, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA. However, you may not apply for DACA benefits with USCIS if you have never before been granted deferred action under DACA.

Deportation Defense

Deportation is the process through which USCIS and ICE start a process through which they seek to deport a, foreign national, from the United States. Deportation in the United States is arranged by an immigration judge without any penalty imposed. The foreign national is notified to appear in court through a Notice to Appear document which states the reason why you have been ordered to appear and the explanation of how you by allegation broke the law. The notice also states the reason the immigrant is to be deported. You are allowed to make your defense to day and apply for relief for removal.

If you are eligible from relief from removal and the judge grants you an opportunity to defend against your deportation, then you are given time to prepare and present your defenses to removal. We will help you determine if you have any defenses to removal and prepare those defenses to file with the court. The judge must decide if you are defense is approved and you may remain or if they are going to enter a removal order and have you deported.

Detention Bond Hearings

There are many undocumented immigrants as well as legal permanent residents who are detained at immigration detention centers. Some are eligible for release on bond and others are subject to mandatory detention (not eligible for bond). In order to demonstrate eligibility for release on bond, applicants must show that they are not a danger to public safety, not a flight risk, and that they qualify for some form of immigration relief allowing them to remain in the United States legally.

Determining who is eligible for bond and who is not, as well as proving the aforementioned requirements, will require thorough presentation of legal arguments and evidence, which cannot be done without help of a legal counsel. We have had the pleasure of helping many clients to be released from detention on bond while they continue fighting their deportations. Let us help you or your family members to apply for bond and to navigate the legal process.

Deportation Defense/Removal proceedings

You may have been stopped at the airport and your visa cancelled, or crossed the border illegal, , or encountered by Immigration Officers after being in the country illegal for many years or entered with a visa and remained longer than allowed.  Many immigration violations can result in the US government initiating your deportation from the US.  This can be a very scary process especially with some much bad information on the streets.  

Family Based Petitions


Fiance Based Petition

You are allowed to file a fiancé visa application in order to bring your fiace to the United States in order to marry them within 90 days of their arrival. They will be issued a K visa. The K nonimmigrant visa (K1, K2 (adopted or biological children with your fiancé or spouse), and K-3(your spouse) allow your fiancé or spouse and their/your child(ren) to travel to the U.S. and commence this family based process to obtain their lawful permanent resident residency through marriage to a United States citizen.

Once your marry your fiancé within the 90 days of their admission to the US, you then begin to process their adjustment of status for them to obtain their conditional residency or lawful permanent residency We are ready to assist you throughout this immigration process to help you bring your fiancé/spouse to the United States so that you can start your new life together. Schedule your appointment with our office to speak with our attorney in person at 847-468-1200.


The process by which you become a citizen of the United States is called naturalization. The naturalization process gives you the opportunity to live and work in the United States in the legal status of American citizens. We will determine how soon you are eligible to begin the naturalization process. We will assist you through the entire process from your application, to directing you to prepare for your examination and accompanying you to your citizenship interview.

We will work with you from the start to prepare you and guide you through the naturalization process. We are committed to ensure that you receive the care and attention to your case to obtain your citizenship. We are ready to assist you throughout this immigration process to help you bring your fiancé/spouse to the United States so that you can start your new life together. Schedule your appointment with our office to speak with our attorney in person at 847-468-1200.

Removal Proceedings/Bond Hearings

Removal Proceedings is the process by which an undocumented person is removed from the United States. This process may affect families who are separated as a result of the removal of a loved one. Each year thousands are deported from the United States to their country of origin. We will help you honestly assess the options you have to stay in the United States legally and fight your removal. can help you explore defenses to removal that can result in your process, starting from the most common reasons that can cause the beginning of a process of deportation to the solutions that can reach success, tranquility and a better future welfare for you.

Your Notice to Appear before the United States Immigration Court may arrive by mail or be given to you in person. The Notice to Appear will detail the allegations and charges against you and notify you when and where your removal hearing will take place. Please note if you do not attend your removal hearing you may have serious consequences which may include being charged with a crime. There are different ways to fight a removal proceeding, such as cancellation of removal, political asylum, adjustment of status, voluntary departure, motion to reopen, motion to review, withholding of deportation, administrative appeal or judicial appeal depending on your case.

For this reason, don’t delay we are ready to fight your removal. We will be honest and clear about what is and is not possible. We will not create false expectations. Make your appointment so we can speak with you in person at 847-468-1200.

U Visa

U visas are available to victims of qualifying criminal activity in the U.S. If you are a victim of a crime that qualifies and you have suffered significant physical or mental abuse produced by that criminal activity then you may be eligible for a nonimmigrant U Visa. Our immigration attorneys have extensive criminal law knowledge and will obtain the police reports and certified dispositions necessary to secure the certification necessary to submit your U visa application for approval.

We will prepare your application for waiver of inadmissibility and FOIA the necessary records. We will assist you with every part of this process and help you gather all the documentation and prepare all the declarations necessary to successfully obtain your U visa. A U visa offers multiple benefits. The most important U visa benefit in our opinion is that it makes you eligible to apply for lawful permanent residency after you have obtained your U visa. In some cases your children, parents and spouse can even become part of your application and obtain benefits through your application. We will help you the process and know that this process is lengthy but will be available to answer your questions throughout.

Allow us to provide you with the greatest chance to receive a U visa to help you move forward with your life in the United States. Schedule your U Visa consultation at 847-312-1911.


Under special circumstances, you may self-petition for lawful permanent residency if you a victim of domestic violence from a U.S. citizen. The Violence Against Women Act (hereafter VAWA) petition allows some children, parents, and spouses of U.S. citizens to file a petition for themselves without their abuser. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), enacted by Congress in 1994 to protect undocumented victims of domestic violence by their United States citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse, parent or child.

We will help you determine if you are eligible to begin this process and prepare your I-360 self-petition in which we have provided the evidence that you have suffered extreme cruelty, you have acted in good faith and you are a person of good moral charact. Once your I-360 is approved, we will submit your application for lawful permanent residency.

We will help you navigate this process so that you may fulfill the requirements for your VAWA case so that your application will be approved. Allow us to help you find peace of mind and secure your status in the United States if you are eligible. Make your appointment to speak with us in persona at 847-468-1200.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you need a waiver of inadmissibility in order to obtain your immigration relief or benefit, we may be able to help. We will assess your family circumstances in detail to determine all the United States citizen family members who will be able to provide letters and statements in support of your immigration waiver. We will work together with you and your family to put together a substantial application in your favor.

We will prepare the most clear and convincing waiver application which will include gathering and submitting the strongest evidence, letters and statements to prepare the strongest possible waiver application based on your unique circumstances. The most important documents are the ones that prove that your U.S. citizen spouse or parent will suffer extreme hardship if your waiver is denied. You should accompany a personal statement from them, and also include any evidence of medical conditions, financial difficulties, or any other evidence that show extreme hardship.

We will help you show that your United States citizen spouse, children or parents will suffer extreme hardship if your waiver is denied. We are experienced immigration attorney who will guide you and help you prepare a solid immigration waiver application. Do not risk getting a denial, wasting your time and money. We will discuss all your options to obtain an immigration waiver.

When a waiver is standing in the way of your immigrant relief or benefit then you need our experience and dedication to defending you. Schedule you’re in person consultation with us today at 847-468-1200.