Traffic Ticket Defense


Don't just mail in your payment when you receive a traffic ticket. At the very least request a court date so that you may ask for court supervision. Traffic tickets can affect your job, you ability to drive and you insurance rates. Simply paying your traffic tickets means you are pleading guilty and will get a conviction unless you are able to obtain supervision when you mail in your payment. A traffic ticket conviction may have severe consequences on your driving privileges.

What we can do
Before you simply mail in your payment consult us so that we may explain the consequesences of not fighting your traffic ticket or going to court for your traffic ticket. Every situation is unique and talking to one of our attorneys will help you understand your options. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with our attorneys. We have helped many clients avoid losing their license for speeding tickets in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


For CDL driver’s license holders, maintaining a good driving record is crucial to staying gainfully employed. A traffic violation for a CDL driver may not only increases your insurance premiums but could end up costing you your job. Commercial drivers are subject to the same traffic laws as other motorists but the penalties for CDL driver in Illinois may be more severe. A traffic ticket for a CDL driver could result in a license suspension, effectively putting the driver out of work.

What we can do
In addition to defending traffic tickets, we defend against violations of cargo weight limits and endorsements which can also result in serious penalties, including heavy fines and a license suspension. Any traffic violation for a CDL driver is a serious matter. We provide professional legal guidance and aggressive defense to protect your livelihood. Schedule your free consultation with us at 847-468-1200.


Driving while your driver’s license is suspended or revoked can be a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense. An office of driving when your license is suspened or revoke may result in fines, mandatory community service hours and even a jail sentence. And a conviction for driving while suspended or revoked may result in an extension of the suspension or revocation of your driver's license.

What we can do
We know that the consequences for driving while your driver’s license is suspended or revoked can be serious. We can review your driving record to determine what must be done to lift the suspension of your license. Or we can explain whether a formal or informal Secretary of State hearing may be the answer to obtain a restricted driving permit or reinstatement of your revoked driver's license. We will carefully examine your driving record to discover how to recover your driving privileges. Call 847-468-1200 to schedule your free consultation so that we may guide you and represent you.


It may be possible to lift the suspension of your suspended license. If your license is suspended due to traffic convictions, failing to have insurance or other traffic violations we may be able to help clear your suspensions to reinstate your license.

What we can do
We will review your driving asbtract and determine if your suspension may be clear. We will find the most cost effect way to clear the stops to your license which are causing the suspension to your license. We are highly experienced with process of Illinois driver’s license reinstatement and can help recover or retain your driving privileges if you are suspended or facing a suspension of your driver's license. Schedule your consultation with us today at 847-468-1200.